Sonic Systems Chemicals for Cleaning Applications
Sonic Systems features a complete line of chemicals specifically designed to complement and enhance the performance of our ultrasonic cleaning units. SSI cleaning agents are formulated to remove a variety of industrial impurities and contaminants. Different agents are used for specific cleaning jobs. These chemical cleaners remove substances such as scales, oxides, corrosion products, shop dirt, oil, grease, grinding and polishing compounds, coal tar, paint, inorganic and mineral deposits, lint, chemical residues, and grinding compounds from glass. SSI cleaners also remove heat scale, rust, carbon deposits, tarnish, abrasives, marking pencil, jeweler's rouge and metal chips.

SSI's ultrasonic cleaning chemicals provide superior cleaning performance on ferrous and some non-ferrous (such as brass, copper, bronze, and aluminum) metals, glassware, ceramics, plastics, and hard-rubber articles. They can be used in a wide range of applications from general production cleaning problems to nuclear parts decontamination. There are safe, phosphate free, biodegradable SSI chemical cleaning agents for virtually all of your industrial cleaning problems. Contact SSI for information regarding the best cleaner for your needs.

  • Wide Range of Ultrasonic Cleaning Agents Available
  • Phosphate Free and Biodegradable
  • In-House Cleaning Lab for Process Evaluation & Chemical Selection
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