Multi-Function Console Systems
SSI's I Series Industrial Clean/Rinse/Dry Console Systems are self-contained, multi-function units designed for continuous use, high-performance, ultrasonic cleaning. Three functions -- ultrasonic wash, spray or immersion rinse, and forced hot air dry -- are combined into a single console. Units feature corrosion resistant stainless steel cabinets with double-pan stainless lids and safety interlocked front doors. I Series units feature auto-fill and low liquid level cutoff of ultrasonics. Controls are conveniently located on the front panel. Available frequencies are 27kHz or 40kHz.

Industrial Multi-function Console System
  • Multi-function unit - ultrasonic wash, rinse & dry
  • Rugged construction for long-term dependability
  • Large selection of standard capacities
  • Custom engineering available to meet any requirements
  • All 300 Series stainless steel construction
  • Highest-efficiency ULTRABRAZEŽ transducers
  • Long-life performance at peak intensity
All I Series Consoles feature rugged construction for long-term dependability. Heavy-gauge stainless steel tanks feature heliarc welding at every joint and formed upper edges to maximize longevity and liquid-tight performance. The electronics are protected from environmental conditions and tank spillage.

All units include SSI's exclusive ULTRABRAZEŽ transducer. Each is available in 27kHz or 40kHz. SSI Piezo-Electric Sandwich Transducer elements of resonating lead-zirconate titanate crystals are used for highly efficient conversion of electrical energy into electro-acoustic cavitation fields. This ensures maximum cleaning ability with less power input.

Sonic Systems' Proprietary ULTRABRAZEŽ Metallurgical Bonding method ensures long life under ultrasonic stress and heat. Transducer arrays are permanently brazed directly to the stainless steel tank. This virtually eliminates bond-weakening during uninterrupted use at high-density energy levels, further prolonging the life of the tank.

Tanks are available in standard sizes ranging from 10 to 27 gallon liquid capabilities. SSI can also engineer custom-designed tanks of any size and transducer configuration to meet your special needs. Compatible accessories such as heaters, covers, and filtration systems are also available.

Sonic Systems can provide the system you need to maximize the performance and appearance of you products with ultrasonic cleaning. Give us a call to discuss your particular application.

Model No. Power No. of Tanks Size Capacity (max.)
3215I 600 Watts 3 12"W X 16"L X 12"D 10 gals.
3225I 1200 Watts 3 18"W X 18"L X 15"D 21 gals.
3235I 1200 Watts 3 12"W X 24"L X 12"D 15 gals.
3245I 1800 Watts 3 16"W X 24"L X 16"D 27 gals.
(Note: "3" Series consoles are ultrasonic wash, rinse, dry units)
4215I 600 Watts 4 12"W X 16"L X 12"D 10 gals.
4225I 1200 Watts 4 18"W X 18"L X 15"D 21 gals.
4235I 1200 Watts 4 12"W X 24"L X 12"D 15 gals.
4245I 1800 Watts 4 16"W X 24"L X 16"D 27 gals.
(Note: "4" Series consoles are ultrasonic wash, reverse cascade, dry units)
5215I 600 Watts 5 12"W X 16"L X 12"D 10 gals.
5225I 1200 Watts 5 18"W X 18"L X 15"D 21 gals.
5235I 1200 Watts 5 12"W X 24"L X 12"D 15 gals.
5245I 1800 Watts 5 16"W X 24"L X 16"D 27 gals.
(Note: "5" Series consoles are ultrasonic pre-wash, ultrasonic wash, reverse cascade, dry units)

Automated Transports
* Custom Tank Sizes - for sizes not listed above, contact SSI

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