300 Series Respirator Care Systems

With the unique combination of features within Sonic Systems Inc.'s (SSI) complete line of ultrasonic cleaners, time-consuming manual labor is virtually eliminated. With the result being more time for increased productivity.

SSI's ultrasonic cleaners feature ULTRABRAZE® transducers to clean, disinfect and decontaminate respirators semi-automatically or automatically (Auto 300) allowing for a minimum of operator intervention. Utilizing sold-state generators, SSI's ultrasonic cleaners are reliable and durable and require minimum disassembly or respirators prior to cleaning. Additionally, SSI cleaners provide ease and low-cost maintenance cleaning for garments, tubing, goggles and other personal safety items.

Used with our high-quality cleaning agents and accessories, SSI offers a complete solution for sanitary maintenance of industrial respirator and safety equipment.

Auto 300

Standard Features:


Completely automatic through all cycles, the Auto 300 combines all the features you need for maximum efficiency and all the features you expect for push-button ease in ultrasonic cleaning. The use of panel lights keep monitoring of system to a minimum. From the power of the 1200-watt generator within-to the toughness of the all steel construction outside-the Auto 300 provides outstanding performance for large-volume users. The Auto 300-the ultimate in the ultrasonic cleaning of respirators.




Similar in function to the Auto 300, the 302 is designed for higher volume use. Employing a dual-drum system, the 302 has a capacity of up to 60 half-face or 20 full-face masks with hoses, its heavy-duty 1800-watt generator ensures full power and reliability, providing outstanding performance and durability, with the benefits of push-button ease in ultrasonic cleaning. The 302 requires minimal operator attention for high-volume respirator cleaning jobs. The Model 302 has all the same features and options as the Model 300 in a dual drum system.